I have never watched "Duck Dynasty", but I have closely followed the saga that landed the family patriach in hot water with the fringe left. He dared to cite some passages from the bible in an interview with GQ, and suddenly he is Public Enemy #1. What happened to Freedom of Speech and of Religion. The man was a lost soul who found Jesus and began life Born Again. Since when are bible passages considered hate speech? I am supportive of gay causes, and feel we should live and let live. But, why is that a one way street? What about tolerance of Christianity? A &E has previously tried to remove "Jesus" from the family prayer that ends "Duck Dynasty." Why is the left not angry at Afghanistan, where sexual exploitation of young boys is a practice? Or, Saudi Arabia which doesn't allow women to drive a car? It's crazy and upside down. Satanists want to build a statue of the Devil next to a statue of the Ten Commandments. It's OK to take the word "God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance (hello, NBC), but don't mess with Allah. This country has slid down a very slippery slope of political correctness that needs to stop. We can't please everyone. Freedom of Speech is our right in the Constitution. So is Freedom of Religion. Let's go back to that sacred document and stop cowering to Moonbat Nation.

That's my opinion and if you're offended, you have a right to YOUR opinion, as well. This is America. Or, at least I hope it still is.

written by @mediaman2009

(photo courtesy of A & E Network)

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