Top left is the room where MCAS tests are given to small groups, specialized reading services, and where Special Education meetings are held with parents. It smells like a combination of mold, mildew and used gym socks. Upper middle is room B202, where the antiquated heater (which can't be fixed because there are no parts available for it) spews fire from the bottom, while water pours out from the top over live electrical outlets underneath. Top right is the office of the head of guidance. She has suffered from lung infections from the myriad of molds growing out of the ceiling, which leaks in every rainstorm. Bottom middle (believe it or not) is the Technology Room, where computers sit in a room that leaks when it rains. At right are lockers too small to hold a coat, a book or anything else. They sit empty and rusting. Our championship calibre basketball teams can't host games because of the inadequate gym. There are mold and mildew problems, and asbestos issues, throughout the building. A renovation project could cost up to 20 million dollars. We need a NEW building. For the sake of our future students, faculty and administration---as well as some town pride. Are YOU proud of what you see?


(Photos by Mark Snyder)