Photos & Copy by Mark Snyder


All Pro Productions of Marlboro put together a fun evening of entertainment on May 18 that benefited the Stoughton Police Relief Association. The New England Patriots All-Stars, who came into the game against the Stoughton Police Department undefeated, left the same way. But in between the 79-46 blowout, was a lot of fun for the crowd and all the players. Pats backup quarterback Ryan Mallett was the big star (literally) for the Patriots. He jammed the ball, hit layups, set shots and threes seemingly at will. But, the Police Department also had its moments, from their first basket by Neil David, through Sheanna Isabel's two pointer, and beyond. Police members (no ranks here---it was a game) that partook also included Robert Devine, Joe Zbinski, Tom Covino, Jimmy O'Connor, Jen Sullivan, Paul Williams, Tony Pascarelli, John Bonney, Roger Hardy, Allan Curtis, Robert Kuhn, William Healey, Shawn Faria, and Gregg Rockwell (son-in-law of Chief Paul Shastany, and dad to the Chief's grandchild Addison Lee --seen with the Chief's wife Ann Marie and daughter Amanda in photo above.) Also suiting up for the Pats team and signing autographs for fans were kicker Steve Gostowski, running backs Patrick Pass and Kevin Faulk, former offensive lineman, and current talk host and restaurant owner Steve DeOssie, defensive back Patrick Chung, former tight end Jermaine Wiggins, and linebacker Shane Fletcher. A fun time was had by all, and the SPRA received some money.