The White House has done it again. Did the "sequester" affect the tens of millions of dollars to transport the president, vice president, secretary of state, etc. from their (mostly political travels) at up to $100,000 an hour? Nope. Did it stop any waste in government? Nope. Did it stop White House tours that were manned by volunteers and cost practically nothing? Yes. The White House is for VISIBLE HURT so they can have public opinion support MORE SPENDING, MORE TAXES and MORE DEBT.

This is the latest piece of "sequester". This comes from Dr. Marguerite Rizzi, Superintendent of Schools in Stoughton, MA :

“There has been a great deal of speculation about how the Federal Government ‘Sequestration,’ or mandated cuts in the absence of any deal on the deficit would impact schools.  This is uncharted territory and not a situation with which any school district or municipal government is familiar.  In Stoughton there are 14.5 teachers paid through federal grants, as well as a significant amount of our professional development, English Language Learners budget, and Special Education services.


Unfortunately the first impact of the Sequester has arrived, and quite suddenly.  The district receives funds to offset the cost of taking Advanced Placement exams for students who qualify for Free and Reduced price lunches.  These tests are expensive, and the funds have insured that the cost would not be a barrier for our disadvantaged students who have worked so hard to earn the right to take the exams for college credit.  Sitting for Advanced Placement exams is a way to ensure acceptance in more prestigious colleges and can even reduce the cost of a college education.


This announcement about the sudden suspension of the funds comes on such short notice that families would be scrambling to come up with the full cost of the exam.  For some, it would mean the end of this opportunity, which has been such a piece of so many students’ successful academic careers.  Fortunately, the guidance budget has $1032 that can supplement the amount that has been lost, and can step in and cover the cost of the fees, and they have been authorized to do so. 


It is heartbreaking that this first impact of the Sequester hits students immediately and our most resource challenged students at that.  This is just the beginning.  While it is possible to fill this gap other, larger, gaps are coming, and it is not a reasonable expectation that the district will be able to make these up.”