Deadline for Registration for Townwide Office is January 2, 2014


Here's How It's Shaping Up!



Incumbents Steve Anastos & John Anzivino have pulled papers.

Also pulling papers were David "Spanky" Sousa, Chairman of Stoughton's Christmas Parade of Lights,

former Selectman Joe Mokrisky

and Dawn M. Reardon, a former Town Meeting member, and a native of Thailand, is co-owner and operator of D & J Services.

Anastos & Anzivino



Usually, the Selectmen’s race would be front and center, but not this year. Seems to me that the School Committee race is even more prominent, due to the controversy surrounding the teacher’s contracts, and the public dissatisfaction of the teachers with the School Committee and the Superintendent of Schools. George Dolinsky, a long-time Town Meeting member (and former Chairman of Pct. 2) and STOYAC basketball director, is running for re-election to the School Committee. Former School Committee Chair Deb Sovinee is running for re-election, as well.

The challengers have lined up. They include: Precinct 2 Town Meeting member Joaquin Soares, an outspoken critic of spending money the town doesn’t have (i.e. borrowing). He is a 30-year retiree from Polaroid, where he was a purchasing agent; Mary-Kate "Katie" Pina-Enokian, a mom of four (15 to 5 years of age), who got involved as a volunteer at the Gibbons School, working at its Marketplace and School Fair. And, she ran in the It’s Elementary 5K race, which benefited all five elementary schools in town; and Randy Yanoff, who runs a martial arts center, Eye of the Tiger Karate, in Brockton. He’s very concerned with bullying in the schools. Randy is a ’91 Stoughton High grad who attended the Gibbons School, where his children go.

As I have previously written, the school committee race comes at a time when the Stoughton Teachers Association is battling for new contracts with the school committee. It’s become contentious, with signs of support for the teachers around town, and disruptions of afternoon activities for the students. That will be the race to watch. In the next couple of months, I’ll be writing articles detailing the thoughts of ALL candidates. In fact, I’ll be sending out a questionnaire soon. And, everyone reading this space will know w here all five school candidates stand on the issues!




Incumbent Howard Hansen has pulled papers.


Incumbent Michael F. Barrett has pulled papers.


Incumbent Richard Jasmin has pulled papers.


Snyder's Stoughton will be keeping you informed and, hopefully, hosting another debate this year!


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